I’m losing it….


I seriously am losing it. Well to be clear I seem to be losing almost everything.

I’ve spent more time wandering about the house these past few days looking for my keys than I care to tell you. I’ve been late for work as a result on more than one occasion as a result of intense key searching episodes.

Why is it though that I only lose the things I really need? I haven’t lost my iron (or the huge pile of ironing), or the electricity bill that needs to be paid. I haven’t lost my to-do list (most of which I will undoubtedly not get around to). I have however lost the left shoe of my favourite sandals, one rather precious earring and 3 nose studs. Last night cooking supper I couldn’t find the potatoes I bought – they are probably still in the supermarket along with the bank card I left in the machine.

Some would say that this all comes about because of stress. I would have to agree, but I think it is more than that however the crazy me also believes that these little things are being sent to test me. There is some force in the universe toying with me, nudging me – just to see how far I need to be pushed before I lose it completely.

In this eternal struggle I have to say that I’m kind of holding my own (except for the time I burst into tears because I couldn’t find the car keys, but in my defence I was late for an appointment). On the whole I think I have been able to remain fairly calm and not subscribe to the notion that I could be slowly losing my mind, which if you think about it is just another thing for me to lose.

So universe bring it on, I can take it, I can calmly float above the chaos that you keep shoving in my direction. I can accept the fact that the most sensible place to look for things is in the least obvious place. I can smile when I find my watch in the fridge!

So, why is it that I feel I can take it, why, despite all, do I feel that the universe hasn’t got the better of me? I’ll tell you – the one thing, through all of this I haven’t lost is my sense of humour. That folks I seem to always be able to find.

So universe give it your all – this gal is still smiling.



4 thoughts on “I’m losing it….

  1. The week before Paul and I moved from New Jersey to Massachusetts, while I was pregnant with my first child and about to start a brand new job, I came out of work one day to find my car keys dangling from the door of my car. I didn’t even know they were missing!
    Its definitely your stress! You are welcome to use the line I thought of then and still use now: “My brain is full so the little things keep falling out.”


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