Planes, trains and getting older

My world has been a whirl these past three weeks, however, I’m delighted to report that I’m still standing.

My new job has taken me to London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle so far. The endless travelling continues for a couple of weeks yet.

Interestingly travelling gives you time to ponder. At the moment, as I sit on this very slow train, I’m pondering turning 48 next week. Oh my, how did that happen?

I’ll be honest this stings a bit however I got thinking and there are some positives to getting older, having lived a bit and all that jazz. Here are mine – in no particular order:-

I’m lucky. I really am. Some of my friends, sadly missed haven’t made it as far along the road as I have.

Years of experimenting have resulted in me turning out to be a pretty good cook. Who would have thought!

I can say, with some confidence, that I am now officially over the guy who asked me on a date and left the 18-year-old me standing at Hillhead Underground in Glasgow wondering what to do when he didn’t turn up. That said if our oaths ever cross please note I am an intelligent competent woman now and you are toast!

I am a mum. It has been one if the toughest and joyful journeys in my life so far.

I can no longer pretend that I’m not a grown up. I have life insurance and can hold my own in a political discussion (ok ‘argument’ – I’m Scottish, go figure).

I have learned the hard way what the important things in life are and I value them. I also don’t care if other people disagree.

Re above, the other thing that comes with having a bit of life under your belt is that you develop thick skin!

Life is too short to have sore feet. Flat (but attractive) shoes rock.

If you can’t sleep don’t lie there fretting. Get up and do something. Time is far too precious to waste.

Talk to folk, talk to strangers. You’ll be so surprised at the wee gems that cone along.

No matter how old I get I still can’t go to sleep with the wardrobe door open because that’s where the monsters live.

I still have the capacity to love – whatever knocks I’ve had they certainly haven’t held me back.

Laughing is my favourite thing.

So, as my birthday approaches, my hope is that I do more of that laughing thing.

So what things have you learnt along the way that you cherish? Do tell.

4 thoughts on “Planes, trains and getting older

  1. I have learned that to love is all that matters; people, the gifts in a day, magic moments, what we do, anything we are striving for…love. I ❤ you. xX


  2. You’re a very wise young woman! I totally agree with a lot of these; most notably, the flat shoes little gem!
    As for me, ten years your senior, I’ve learned that everyone is basically insecure and in need of praise and love. And I’ve learned that no one can love you as much as a good dog!
    Happy almost birthday!


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