OK and we’re off..

I’m Jacqui and this is my wee blog.  I’ve blogged before but this one is special because it will chart the next part of my journey.

Oh I should say the name of my blog – Damsel in this Dress – is just a bit of fun.  I do not possess that many dresses but I subscribe to the idea that nice things should be worn/used, not locked away for a special occasion.  So get your good dress out, bring out the special plates and glasses – enjoy.  Nobody promised you a tomorrow.

So what can I tell you about me.  Well you really need to read my blog to find out but here’s a bit of information.  I’m a bit of a mixture of lots of things life has delivered to me.  Good times and bad times have taught me much and I’m still standing so that has to count for something.  I write when I can, have done since I was a wee girl.  I am an avid fan of charity shops and am quite tickled by the fact that my purchases are now classed as ‘vintage’.  Whatever the title attached I love them all.  Cooking is my destresser and my working life has taken me into many different realms; health, social justice, politics and social care.

I live in the Highlands of Scotland and love it.  I have a wee house, 19 year old son and a cat called Rabbie.  I am blessed with good friends who are all brilliantly talented folk and are all unique.  They teach me much and keep me going.  We all need that in this life.

So what is my blog about?  Well in truth it’s about what pops into my head when I’m making pancakes, walking to work, shouting at the television because politicians are talking their own special version of bollocks.  Who knows.  In truth I’m not at all confrontational and my blog will, I have no doubt raise more questions than answers.  In my book that’s ok though because life is about learning.  So, I’ll raise the questions, perhaps come up with some suggestions and I look forward to Blogland providing me with some potential answers.

At the end of the day we paddle our own canoe.  OK climbing aboard now – and we’re off.


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