How to jump from a moving train

1_1249600836_lee-jumping-off-the-trainThis time next week will be my last day in my current job.

It’s been a hectic week. It’s quite a frantic time finishing up a job, a job that I have held for 11 years.

The organisation I currently work for is busy, always busy. My clients are people who have been let down by the Welfare System and, based on the current economic and political climate,  you can imagine the complexity of my days. Stress doesn’t even begin to sum it up however this is equally balanced by the elation of righting a wrong in the system for someone who otherwise may not be in a position to challenge the system.

Change is an interesting experience. Over the last couple of weeks I have realised though that I am now ready to leave, move on, move over and let someone else fill my shoes. I have been going through the process of finishing things off, packaging them up and handing them over.  It feels great!

I also made a mental note to start packing a box of some of the personal things I have on my desk or on my wall. Looking around though I did have to smirk though …… two things in particular on the wall above my desk made me smile.

One is instructions on “How to Jump from a Moving Train” (with diagram instructions included), the other is a little postcard from the Mental Health Foundation that says “ARE YOU CLOSE TO BOILING POINT? – DON’T LET ANGER GET THE BETTER OF YOU”. Clearly the previous occupant of my office knew a thing or two about the job I was taking on and decided to leave these two little samples as needed guidance.

I will confess that over the years in this job anger has got the better of me. I have to say though I’ve never needed the instructions on how to jump out of a moving train.

I cautiously note thought that still have one week to go, so you never know.